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New website and forums

chill0r a posted Jan 22, 13
First of all i hope you are not sad that we decided to leave enjin.
We decided to create a new website and forum at


feel free to join us there.

Your posts and threads won't be copied so if there's something you want to have on the new forums too create a new thread there and copy the contents to it.

Paint Sniffer Good night, sweet prince.
Max[Kyram Gaming] Nice to read you ditching Enjin!
LazerLee http://www.apb.fm/beta2.0/ << only needs a rebrand and is better than enjin and Burning Board put together

Retroactive Changelog

micovery a posted Jan 5, 13
As promised, here  is a retroactive changelog, for all the changes I have made to the mission between October 22, 2012  and  January 03, 2013.

Tai2323 Thanks! This is great!


Z a posted Dec 31, 12
I hope that the holiday season is going well for everyone :)

Due to popular demand, we will now be implementing a proper changelog, accessible above. All updates from now on will be properly documented. Previous updates may be retroactively documented over time, whenever the dev team is feeling nostalgic.

I apologize that we have not been providing this to you already. We started this project almost by accident, as an amateur hobby, and we didn't want to waste time documenting minor tweaks and edits, when the development process was so haphazard and volunteer-based, and there was always so much work to be done fixing the mission. However, now that we have gotten relatively serious, and we have an ass-kicking team knocking down one development goal after another, it's time we started logging our changes.

Keep watching that changelog over the next week because we have some very cool updates on the way, which I think nearly everyone will appreciate. I'm planning a big balance rework to make it easier to make money, and reduce the cost of some vehicles and licenses (there was a bit too much austerity after the last stat wipe, my bad). More importantly, Droo and Trash are each adding some amazing new features. I won't spoil what they are, so unless they edit this post and explain, you'll have to wait and see. But you can rest assured that it will all be documented in our changelog!

Happy New Year!
The_Engine Yay, i can finally stop bugging Popl, Cuban, Lastaul, Trash, Droo, and may other admins about the latest update
LazerLee should appoint a marketing officer for this type of thing. When you going start work on the hive?
Tai2323 +1 I like this, some stuff gets added, and I do not even notice until I see someone else doing it. like the getting in ...


Z a posted Dec 17, 12
Thanks to the amazing generosity of our community, I feel that everyone who has donated time and money to this project now has a stake in it, and you all deserve a clear statement about our financial situation, with a breakdown of our costs.

There have also been some rumors, based on the size of our donation counter, that I have been profiting off this. Would that I were, but this is actually pretty expensive, and I still pay $100 of my own money a month on average. I have never spent a penny of the donation money on personal expenses and every surplus we've gotten has been kept on hold to cover future costs.

Our monthly server costs are as follows, rounded to the nearest whole dollar:
Server - $240
Web - $7
Teamspeak - $17
Total: $264

The current donation total you see ($615) is close to 3 months old now. In the same period that we brought in $615 in donations, we had to spend $792 in server costs, not counting my Amazon AWS bill for the temporary servers, which stands at $108.53 and counting. As we are certain to be using Amazon for a few more days, that means our total costs for this period will actually be over $900, and the difference between 615 and 900 is being covered by me as always. 

There are also taxes and Paypal takes a 5% cut of all the donations, which I did not factor into the above figures, but which make the effective cost even higher.

The total costs since the server/project started nearly a year ago have been close to $2400. That was paid about 60% by me and 40% by your generous donations.

So please, let nobody say I'm getting rich over here. :P My unending gratitude goes out and keeps going out to everyone who's helped us pay for this, for little or nothing in return. I don't have a well paying job and this would not be possible without you. 

If anyone would like more information please just ask.

Attack of the Packet Kiddies

Z a posted Dec 15, 12
As many of you know, our server has been under a DDoS (distributed denial of service) attack for close to a week now. This means that one or more networks of infected computers are being used to flood our server's connection with junk traffic, so that service effectively stops. Kind of like blockading the entrance to a store with a barricade of garbage, so nobody can get in.

I apologize sincerely for the downtime, as this is extremely embarrassing and upsetting to me personally. I'm sorry for not making a statement sooner, as I didn't want to give publicity to the attacker or reward his actions with a response, but it's more important that I respect our community by telling everyone what's going on. Please forgive me for not being clear with you all from the beginning.

The person initiating the attack is not any sort of "hacker" let alone the real controller of the botnet. It's just some kid, probably a rival Life server owner who deleted our developers' names from the credits, who is spending his Christmas money on "booters" - illegal services that let you rent attack traffic for short bursts, in order to flood public services like websites, teamspeak and game servers, just long enough to "boot" out all the players (and piss off the hosting provider so that they cut off service for hours, days or weeks). The motive for the attack appears to be jealousy over the quality of our server, our code and our player count, and the goal is apparently to divert our players into one or more other servers.

Unfortunately, you have to DDoS a government or a big business for the police to help you. It's not that they don't care - they're just overworked with this kind of crap. We can't afford lawyers or a $1000/month DDoS-protected server, so there is not much we can do about it at the moment.

The good news is that we have been through far worse than this and we came out on top, so stick with us, or at least check back in, because we'll be here for the long haul. We are considering all sorts of options right now and will do whatever it takes, short of stooping to our attackers' level, to continue providing a public server and regular updates to all our players. The main problem at the moment is that most DDoS mitigation options are very expensive; the cheapest ones available would more than double our server costs. Even with the enormous generosity of our community and my own commitment to the project, nothing I've seen yet looks financially sustainable.

A huge thanks go out to all the players and donators who have stuck with us, lent their time and their hard-earned money to support the server during an extraordinary period. Rest assured that we will not go away, and we will not give up our principles. We will not restrict use of our code and our files. We will not retaliate with attacks of our own, we will not attack the servers whose owners are responsible, because that would accomplish their stupid objective of destroying the entire community. We will keep paying to host a public server for everyone, and we still plan to publicly release all our files to the community. This is just a passing storm and you all have my utmost respect for weathering it with us.

Please have patience with the admin team while we deal with ongoing issues, as we have less time to settle in-game disputes on the temporary servers. If you have a problem with an admin please forward it to me personally, I guarantee total confidentiality. If the head admins are unreachable it is probably because they are busy.

DevilDoggamer hey everyone how do i join a server
Osmarchito hey does anyone know here why i can't join takistan life revolution servers? it says session lost or kicked out thi...
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